Z3X Emmc File Manager

Z3X Emmc File Manager

Z3X EasyJtag Emmc File Manager — Powerful Addon for Z3X EasyJtag Box

Main Features

  • Work with Emmc and UFS Chips, Dumps, FullFlash, Disks, Qualcomm Devices in EDL Mode
  • Flash Qualcomm Based Devices Directly on Memory (by Vendor) or by USB
  • Internal Base Qualcomm 9008 Loaders
    Work with EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, F2FS FileSystems
  • SELinux/XATTR Support for EXT4
  • Read/Decode Gesture Key from Android-Based Devices
  • Extract/Export User Data — Contacts/Calls/SMS/Calendar/Messengers/Notes to VCF/TXT/HTML from Android-Based Devices
  • Read Files/Folders to PC
  • Reset User Locks without Userdata Loss from Android-Based Devices
  • Work with partitions — Read/Write/Erase/Format (EXT4/F2FS)
  • Automatically Detect Crypted Userdata from Android-Based Devices
  • Built-in Hex Viewer
  • Quick File-View
  • Viewing File / Folder / SymLink Properties
  • Extended work with Emmc / UFS memory. Reading info Emmc / UFS
  • Work through Easy Jtag Box, Easy Jtag Plus Box, Mass Storage (USB Reader/KET/E-Mate/MOORС), Qualcomm 9006, Dump (FullFlash) Memory (FullFlash or Part).
  • Reading Info of Parts from GPT, MBR, PMT, BCT and other
  • Reading device information for Android-Based platforms
  • Pack/Unpack Sparse Images

Paid Functions

  • Work with NTFS FileSystem
  • Repair Damaged EXT4FileSystem
  • Extract/Export Info from «store.vol» File — (Contacts, Calls) to VCF/TXT/HTML from Windows Phone-Based platforms
  • Extract/Export Info from Databases of Messengers (WhatsApp, Viber) — Contacts, Calls, Messages to VCF/TXT/HTML  from Android-Based Devices
  • Extract/Export Notes from Samsung Devices (Tools Tab / Extract Samsung Memo)
  • Extract/Export Notes from Notepad++ App (Tools Tab / Extract Contacts/SMS)
  • Extract/Export Notes from GreenDield App (Tools Tab / Extract Contacts/SMS)
  • Extract/Export Notes from Other Notes Apps (Tools Tab / Extract Contacts/SMS)
  • Direct Create/Write/Rename/Modify Files/Folders on FileSystem (Support EXT4/FAT/exFAT)
  • Change Attributes for Files/Folders/Symlinks on EXT3, EXT4, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT* FileSystems
  • Add/Change/Delete SELinux/XATTR for Files/Folders (EXT4)
  • Change UID/GID for Files/Folders (EXT4)
  • Create SymLink`s in EXT2, EXT3, EXT4 FileSystems
  • Repair/Fix/Auto Resize GPT Tables